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The auctionator - who we are and What We Do

If you want to sell your property for the maximum price with minimum fuss – All while using the guaranteed safety you get from an auction process then we can help.

Having set up relationships with high performing auction houses throughout the UK and Europe, we can solve any property purchasing or selling issue for you.

Whether you are buying or selling:

  • Residential
  • Tenanted
  • Commercial
  • Land
  • Many more

We can help you get the best price quickly and easily.

"Town & Country have been fantastic throughout the entire process. They kept us informed at all stages. We're so happy in our new home! Thank you!"

Why Choose Us

Find out why people are flocking to property auctions

Maximum Price

Buyers fee mean you save while getting maximum value

Total Security

Selling at auction means you get guaranteed security from the auction process.​

Speed Of Sale

You can get a pre-auction offer within as little as 24 hours!

Type Of Properties

We sell all types of properties at auction from residential to commercial

Social Media

We use the power of social media to generate interest for you

Conversion Rate

Selling at auction maximises your chance of selling your property quickly

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